Masonry Supplies

Semco has earned a reputation for providing exceptional quality products, which includes the accessories that help you properly install and maintain your new natural stone and concrete products. We also offer a high-quality, affordable line of Adhesives, Cleaners, Landscape Fabrics and Geogrid for all your hardscape needs.


All natural stone surfaces need to be sealed periodically. This is because stone is naturally a porous material and can absorb bacteria, food particles, and liquids that we use throughout our home, patio, and walkway. Not sealing a stone countertop, patio or walkway leaves the surface vulnerable to absorbing foreign substances, which can weaken the stone and potentially lead to the growth of bacteria.
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Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is a fine sand that is combined with additives that form a binding agent when exposed to water. Silica is such as an additive and is often used to help lock the fine sand particles together. As the sand particles fuse, the joint between two patio pavers becomes impenetrable and the pavers are locked in place.
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The right adhesive makes sure your patio or walkway is flawless, and guarantees faster and easier application. However, the wrong choice of an adhesive can result in failure by affecting the physical or visual properties of the natural stone tile. Therefore, it is crucial to choose for the best possible adhesive for the specific type of natural stone.
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Geo Grid

A geogrid is a geosynthetic material, made of polymers, that is used to reinforce soil behind retaining walls. Installed in horizontal layers between wall courses and extending into the soil behind a wall, geogrid stabilizes the soil and so increases a wall system's mass and stability.
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